Joining Forces

There is big news today!   We all know that Landpeople and Seapeople are a very different species. Now what if people only seem to be Landpeople? Many centuries ago the people from Nazaré and surrounding villages were building the Portuguese Galleons which later discovered the world. Right here, in the Lagoa da Pederneira, a […]

Patience …

Languages, we’re working on it! We apologize for any inconveniences for the coming days: we’ve finally started with making this website multilingual, and it turned out to be much more difficult than we thought. Fortunately between sailors, you help each other. Out there on the ocean we are all the same. The winds and the […]

Sailing Portuguese waters

Or how to stay safe and happy Heard too many tough stories and warnings about the Portuguese west-coast and getting a bit nervous about sailing along this coast? Don’t, but you’ve got to treat it with respect! There’s a few simple rules that will help you to get it right, and once you understand the […]

Yes, we’re doing it again!

Welcome to our new Website! This page is the new home for our Boatfestival in Nazare/Portugal. We’ve learned a lot from last summer’s Boatfestival here in Nazare, we’ve got plenty of ideas and room to play with. It’s still a long way and it’ll keep us all pretty busy. We hope to create an interesting […]