About us

Who are we?

Update 22.04.2016:
we still haven’t grown up yet, but we are growing! From today the Town of Nazare, the Port of Nazaré, the Port Captain and Docapesca will participate and help us to make this Event something very special.

The majority of us is a bunch of liveaboard cruising-sailors with thousands of miles in our wakes and from very different Nationalities. The most common language between us is English, but there is also Finnish, French, Dutch, German, Spanish – and yes, some Portuguese of course!

We, well, let’s admit it, we fell in love with this awesome place! Originally we “only” came here to work on our boats or spend a cozy night in port and then discovered something we found very special. Why not have some additional fun and share it with you? This is how our idea for the Boatfestival was born.

In case you would like to contact us, for now please use:

nazareboatfestival@gmail. com

Cheers & fair winds

Where are we?

Port Entrance (WGS84): 39º35’48N, 009º04’74W